Monday, April 27, 2009

Songs of the Week (4/26)

Almost getting this out on time:

'Thy Will Be Done' by Handsome Furs

You know I only put this song on the list just so I could have another excuse to post a picture of Dan Boeckner. Seriously though, this song somehow reminds me of Boeckner's opus, 'This Heart's On Fire.' Although 'Thy Will' doesn't quite reach the same dizzying heights, it's pretty damn awesome. As usual, I have no idea what Dan is singing about, but the words maintain a wonderful impressionistic effect: "White blinds on the kitchen table, white blinds being knocked down one by one," "Late at night when the party's over, we'll swim like fish through the sea until the morning sun." And really, it's all about the power chords, and Boeckner's impassioned caterwauling.

'Horizons' by An Horse

This one kind of crept up on me at the end of the week, and now it won't let me go. I haven't really had the time to parse the lyrics, although they seem to convey something about sea voyages as a metaphor for looking for love. With a power-pop chorus as catchy and relentlessly insistent as this song's, however, good lyrics aren't a necessity. Vocalist Kate Cooper seems to me be kind of like the female Ted Leo: a punk rock guitar hero churning out delectable pop songs about the agonizing subtleties of relationships. I kind of feel like if this band were doing the trendy lo-fi thing, they'd be getting a lot of play from the pretentious music taste-makers. Naturally, I've got a huge crush on Ms. Cooper. Sigh, too bad she's gay.

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