Monday, April 6, 2009

Kanye: Bowie or Prince?

So is Mr. West the David Bowie or the Prince of our generation? Arguments for the former:

Stylistic chameleon. Future/ outer space fixation. Tremendously musically innovative, switching from one style to the next with extreme success. Experimental. Trendsetter. Sells his personality as part of his music. Everything he makes is good. Penchant for overly elaborate concerts (see picture). 

Arguments for Prince analogy: Native midwesterner. Self-obsessed. Stylistic chameleon. Experimental. Occasionally wears ridiculous outfits. Everything he makes is good. Black dude. Makes 'urban' music, but incorporates sounds from traditionally 'white' music. Moderately to extremely obnoxious and annoying personality. Occasionally terrible lyricist. Extremely eccentric, and will probably go crazy and change his name to a symbol/release triple albums no one buys/make a black and white movie about being a gigolo on the French Riviera.

Personally I'll side with Prince connection, but elements of both are tempting. It remains to be seen whether West will maintain the longevity of a Prince/Bowie, but he's got the consistency thing going so far. Just a reminder that although Kanye maybe the most brilliant musician of my generation, his musical trajectory so far is not without precedence. 

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