Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Remember the 90's alt radio?

I was chillin in the NYU weight room today, and they were blasting some radio station playing 90's modern rock hits. When I walked in there was a rock cover version 'Sexual Healing' playing. I don't even think I need to say anything else. Next up came 'I Will Buy You A Garden' by Everclear, I song that I admittedly dug as a middle schooler. Hearing it again after all these years, I realize how wimpy the song actually was, and how terrible were its lyrics. However, there's no denying that it had a very hooky melody, although the melody was virtually the same as that of the vastly superior Everclear hit 'Santa Monica' (an incontestably awesome song). Everclear was followed by another nauseating cover, this time of 'Ring of Fire.' Man, that was bad. The radio started blinking in and out during the song, and at first I assumed someone had just shut it off because the song was so terrible. Unfortunately not, and I had to withstand the remainder of that atrocity. Bad 90's covers, ugh. Remember 'I'm A Believer'? Ah, that was painful. I had pretty much given up hope, but then 'Everlong' by the Foo Fighters came on and saved the day. Listening to that one again, it almost made sense how a group like Nickelback could continue to make music, straining for the great heights of grunge-pop awesomeness. Improbably, it got even better, as Pulp's 'Common People' came up next. I think I actually started mouthing the lyrics, which must have looked pretty ridiculous to all the bros who were broing out in the weight room. I finished about midway through the song, but stuck around long enough to hear Jarvis sing "Because you think that poor is cool!" on the chorus at least once.

NYU gym playlist 4/6/09:

1. 'Sexual Healing' - i don't know who, but i hate this band
2. 'I Will Buy You A Garden' - Everclear
3. 'Ring of Fire' - see track 1
4. 'Everlong' - Foo Fighters
5. 'Common People' - Pulp

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