Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alt radio, I missed you.

Finally I've got something to listen to while I'm making dinner. 'The Alternate Side' plays on Fordham radio (90.7 FM) from 10 to midnight Mondays through Fridays, and it's solid listenin'. I was spoiled last year by Chicago public radio, which delivered good news radio every evening (as opposed to NYC public radio which plays boring-ass jazz or classical after 7). 'The Alternate Side' plays 'popular' indie jams, so as one might predict, their selection tends to be pretty tame. However, they've come through in the clutch many times over the last week since I started listening: 'Polar Opposites' Modest Mouse, 'Oh My God' Ida Maria, 'I Feel Better (live)' and 'Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms' Frightened Rabbit, 'Knotty Pine' Dirty Projectors, 'In the New Year' The Walkmen, assorted songs by Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire, etc. Unfortunately, its not all good: they've given me two songs by the Raconteurs plus another one by Jack White's new band over the last couple days. However, when upcoming song-of-the-week 'I'm Confused' by Handsome Furs came on the other night, it was damn near transcendent. It definitely beat 1010 Wins, listening to the Knicks get blown out, or 'Funk Master Flex Night' on Hot 97.

If interested, check out their website, where they apparently broadcast around the clock. 

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