Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Sound Opinions show. Ever.

Finally got around to listening to last week's podcast from my favorite radio show, Chicago NPR's Sound Opinions. Pretty dull show overall, Jim and Greg spent most of the show talking to some record store owners about, yawn, the struggles of the record store business. There were a few highlights, like the weird (but still awesome) version of New Order's 'Temptation' that Greg plays, and the hosts' conflicting views on Asher Roth (I haven't heard enough from the bro to pick a side, but 'I Love College' is garbage). As is customary, the show ended with recorded messages from folks who call in to comment on the show. So the first guy comes on, and he's blathering on about the Beatles reissuing their catalogue on CD, and my eyes rolling back into their sockets. Then, all of a sudden, I hear a stab of guitar noise, and then a sharp bass line seared into my dura mater begins, and I know its the opening to the Dismemberment Plan masterpiece, 'The Ice of Boston.' And I know that it means they're about to the play the message I phoned in 2 weeks ago about their 'Best Pop Lyricists of All Time' show. Of course, I called in to rep the godly Travis Morrison, and to give a shout out to the aforementioned 'Ice of Boston.'

As one would expect, I kind of cringed a little hearing my voice played back over the radio. Not sure if it was due to my cell phone reception, or I was just really mumbling, but it was pretty hard to hear a lot of the things I said. My pronouncement of "Dismemberment Plan" and "Morrison" in particular were lost in the mix, not a good thing when you're trying to rep your favorite band, like I was. Additionally, it all sounded very scripted to me (which it was). All that considered, I'm really surprised that my call made it on to the show. In final analysis, I think it must have been a testament to the respect that the creators have for the Dismemberment Plan, and possibly their sympathy with my characterization of the group as "one of the great, forgotten bands of my generation." Anyways, hearing myself on the radio, not too thrilling, my life is still the same. Hearing the D-Plan rock out to 'Boston's soaring chorus on my favorite radio show, however, was priceless.

Check it out: (skip to the very end, with the call in segment, and wait until after the guy who talks about the Beatles). 

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