Friday, February 20, 2009

Top 5: Songs of the City

Off the dome, top 5 songs about the 'city experience'. 

5. Raised in the City - The Replacements

Good song, but not quite one of the Mats' best. It makes the list however, because it was the song that they gave to Peter Jesperson of Twin/Tone, which resulted in their getting signed to the label, and the rest is history.

4. Language City - Wolf Parade

The best song off their second full length, and its all about disaffection for the general madness of city life. And it's a Dan Boeckner tune, so its got some fantastic hooks. Kind of how I feel about NYC sometimes.

3. N.Y. State of Mind - Nas

Can't really say I identify with this one as much, but its so hard that there's no way I could leave it off the list. Nas spits relentlessly bleak imagery of life in the Queensbridge projects over the most gutter beat DJ Premier ever dropped. 

2. The City - Dismemberment Plan

It feels like travesty not to put this number one. City living can be pretty lonely sometimes, and who better to document this emotion than Travis Morrison? Add some gnarly keboards, angular guitars, and god-like Joe Easley drumming and you have a masterpiece, straight-up.

1. New Town (live) - Life Without Buildings

As depressing as life in the city can be, it can be incredibly exciting. Thanks to Sue Tompkins nonsensical lyrics, I'm not sure this song is actually about the city. But the chugging post-punk guitars, busy snare and cymbal work, and impassioned shouts curtesy of Ms. Tompkins evoke the sense of awe I feel when emerging from the subway into the bright lights and loud sounds of downtown at night better than anything else I've ever heard before.

And yes, more on Ghostface to come, I promise. 

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