Sunday, February 8, 2009

My karaoke saved my life

Did you know the post title is the name of an actual book (almost)? I'll have to check it out. What comes next is my set list from karaoke a couple nights back, along with a personal appraisal of my performance of each number. My memory of what I sang gets a little hazy from deeper into the night, but here's what I think I remember doing:

1. Hungry Heart (Springsteen) - Underestimated Bruce's singing abilities, probably tried to sing in too high of a register.

2. Friday I'm In Love (The Cure) - Nailed it, despite my apprehensions over not knowing the words. Didn't quite work in Robert Smith's accent, unfortunately.

3. Kiss (Prince) - This was the one I was really excited about, and I did a decent job. Of course I didn't sound as good as I do when I sing it in the shower, but it was fun. Worked in some sexy dance moves too.

4. Gin & Juice (Snoop Doggy Dogg) - Knocked it out of the park on this one. Proved that reading the monitor is for suckers.

5. This Charming Man (Smiths) - Another home run. Morissey is easy to sing, and I was really getting in to the showmanship part with gesticulations and getting down on my knees. Unfortunately things started going downhill from here.

6. Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake) - Bit off more than I could chew. After the relative success of my falsetto on Kiss, I though I could handle this. Not even close, but the audience had a good time.

7. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Prince) - Kind of regret this one, Prince was old news at this point. At least the ladies were still into it (maybe I'm making that up).

8. A Milli (Lil Wayne) - As we were getting kicked out of the room, I decided to do something hardcore. Unfortunately the monitor was showing some really weird lyrics maybe from a remix or something, and I couldn't follow along. Eventually some dude just came up and unplugged the mic while I was still rapping.

I'm sure I did other stuff in there, but that's all I remember. Good times.


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