Friday, February 20, 2009


How many girls you got fucked yo?
How many nuts you might bust?
How many shots, gunnin' for the dome?
How many cakes we bake yall?
How many L's we smoke? At a time?

1. Ghostface Killah

We the illest since Magic Johnson/ No disrespect/ The metaphors keep me out the projects/ The rap connects keep me correct/ Eh yo I wrote this on Donnie's roof/ After his funeral, on one knee/ Thinkin' his killers followed me/ So to my nigga Donnie, up there/ Won't you please tell God that we fucked up here?/ We got beer, weed, guns, AIDS, all these obstacles its hard to make it nowadays/ Why's the devil winnin?/ Some say its our fault/ If that's the answer, you know smokin can cause cancer/ Let me drop a bracelet, leave a chain behind/ My tape stay at the beginning 'cuz thats how we rewind/ You know how we dine/ We don't eat swine, and we don't drink wine/ If you don't bring me some motha-fuckin cognac I'll kill you/ I can't feel you/ ain't in my senses and it ain't in my dollars/ I fuck with rotweilers, no leashes, no collars/ Brolic scholars, that's Ghost Deini!

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