Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I never slip, I never fall
A lot of hoes give me they numbers but I never call

- Polow da Don

No, Mr. Don, you do not. So, I'll be posting later in the day with my personal breakdown of the pitchfork singles list, but I had to give an extra-special shout out to Polow da Don, who just found out produced one of the year's premier bangers, 'Love in this Club.' Is this guy ever not on? He had already entered the stratosphere when he laid down the beat for 'Throw Some D's' (and spit the line "Every freak should have a picture of my dick on they walls"). But look at his track record: Ciara's 'Promise,' Pussycat Dolls 'Buttons,' 'London Bridge,' Luda's 'Pimpin' All Over the World,' and now this? I mean, he's literally turning shit in to diamonds (with all due respect to Ciara). Its hard for me to get excited about anything in mainstream rap these days, but I'm certainly looking forward to the next big Polow da Don hit (and hopefully we'll get to hear him rap and display his sharp lyrical wit again). 

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