Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold days from the birdhouse ...

Just got home, and it's freakin' cold here! Moving on, I haven't posted in a few days, and although I haven't been hit with any recent waves of inspiration, I thought I'd dash off something related to the holiday season. Also, I watched 'High Fidelity' again last week, which put me in the mood for top 5 lists. So, without further ado:

Top 5 Christmas Songs:

1. Run Run Rudolph - Chuck Berry

Shit, I'll listen to this anytime of year. Not much explanation needed, just the inventor of rock doing his thing. "All I want for Chistmas is a rock and roll electric guitar" ... Classic.

2. Players Ball - Outkast

I guess my first sentance from the last song description fits this one too ... and all the other songs on this list for that matter. This one's a stealth Christmas song, but the clues are there. Big Boi: "Ain't no chimineys in the ghetto so I won't be hangin' my socks on no chimneys!" Andre: "I made through another year, can't ask for nothin' much more."

3. Fairytale of New York - Pogues

Shane MacGowan singing a christmas song, how can you go wrong? And of course the lyrical content still includes getting smashed and getting dumped on christmas eve.

4. Put the Lights on the Tree - Sufjan Stevens

A fantastic pop song. Nobody but Sufjan could make it sound so achingly sincere. Easily the best of his 4 disc christmas extravaganza. Deserves to be canonized as one of the great xmas pop tunes. Check the video.

5. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire - Nat King Cole

This one's on just because it reminds me of my favorite movie, 2046. Plus, check the video.

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