Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why am I workin here, it ain't workin here!

Looks like Cam finally dropped the new album, and from the reviews, it sounds pretty wretched. While I suppose I shouldn't judge until I've heard it, I know what bad Cam'ron sounds like, and it's not pretty. That all doesn't detract from the power of former song of the week 'I Hate My Job,' now called just simply 'My Job' on the album. As a matter of fact, the album version is even better than the version that came out with the dingy video (and you don't have to listen to the guy telling Cam'ron that they're "not hiring murderers" for the zillionth time). Check it out on link below. Poor sound quality warning. At least we can resign ourselves to Cam putting out 1 transcendent track per album, but seriously, what a monumental waste of talent.

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